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With more than a decade of experience in Printing and Mailing for the Utilities industry, Bridgestone Print is a trusted partner for many Companies and Municipalities. We know that accurate processing, quick turnarounds and quality output are keys to making your billing process a success.

Bridgestone Print has a rare mix of technologies that fulfill all of these major points. Our sophisticated data processing allows us to handle almost any data quickly and accurately. High speed printing and mailing equipment means your bills come in and get out fast. Our Full Color printing and bright white forms mean your customer communications are crisp and clean.

In addition, we offer Full Color Messaging / Marketing that can be used to communicate with your customers or members of your community. In particular, different Municipal Departments send out separate mailings to convey messages to the community. These separate mailings can be very expensive. Bridgestone Print allows you to use utility bills as the vehicle for these communications. So whether it's a Mayor's Letter, Park and Recreation events, Construction Announcements or Levy Information, you can save thousands by utilizing the bill. Since the expense is already being made, and you have a vehicle to communicate with vast numbers of people, it makes a lot of sense.

Your communications are either printed directly on the bill or as separate sheets that fold together with each Bill. So rather than sitting loosely in the envelope, where it often gets thrown away, your messages stay with the customer. This difference means your messages are read more often. This translates into higher levels of understanding, higher turnout to events and often less phone calls about items that affect your community.

Combine all of this, with our superior customer service and competitive rates, and Bridgestone Print becomes a clear partner of choice. Please contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

Utilities Features

  • Fast and Accurate Processing
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Crisp, Full Color Printing
  • On Bill Messaging and Marketing