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When it comes to mailing services, once again Bridgestone Print is your source for vital efficiency and savings. Our high-speed mailing systems have the capability to strip and cut continuous forms into cut sheets, as well as nest and fold, all in one turnkey system. They also feature intelligent inserting, in which electronically scanned codes assure accurate, automatic collation and page count. In addition, Bridgestone Print utilizes camera verification technology to further assure the accuracy of the finished mailpiece.

A valuable in-line component is the variable insert system, which inserts envelopes and other materials selectively, according to your specifications. This complex process is achieved at high speed, with extreme accuracy, again through automatic code scanning. On these turnkey systems, all contents are folded, enveloped, sealed and metered.

When combined with our stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control program, Bridgestone Print offers fast turnarounds and superior accuracy, the cornerstones of a complete mailing solution. Contact Us today to learn more.

Quick Mailing Technology Facts

  • Intelligent Turnkey Inserting Systems with OMR & 3/9 Code Technology
  • Multi-Station, Variable Selective Inserting Capabilities
  • Camera Verification Technology - Cameras Confirm "Finished Piece" Integrity
  • Address Hygiene & Standardization Certified (CASS & Move 48)
  • Mail Piece House Holding (Combine Multiple Documents into One Envelope)
  • Flats Inserting Technology