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Mail Sortation

The final piece to any complete mail solution is postal sort and delivery. Bridgestone Print has full mail sorting capabilities on-site running at speeds of up to 40,000 sorted mailpieces per hour. Our high speed sorting equipment allows us to process large quantities of mail quickly and efficiently to assure quick turnaround times.

The most important part of Bridgestone Print's sort solution is that your mail never has to leave our secure, access controlled mail facility. Many printing/mailing companies still rely on a third party presort facility to sort and deliver mail for their clients. Not only is this costly, but the likelihood of delays or privacy breaches grows exponentially. From the time your data file arrives at Bridgestone Print to the time we drop your mail at the Post Office, you can be assured that the security and privacy of your customers' information is secure with us.

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Quick Mail Sortation Technology Facts

  • Full IMB Barcode Usage
  • Speed up to 40,000 Sorted Mailpieces/Hour
  • Complete In-House Mail Handling
  • Ultimate Privacy Handling Assurance