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Healthcare Aggregators

First and foremost, our name - Bridgestone Print - reflects our comprehensive technology services for the medical industry as well as other businesses nationwide.

We have been processing invoice, statements and other correspondence for the healthcare industry since 1991. We currently provide services to hundreds of providers of all sizes, and we interface with many different data processing vendors. Our ongoing work in the healthcare industry ensures our knowledge of HIPAA and other regulatory requirements and privacy issues.

Bridgestone Print is fully committed to helping our customers drive their business through open communication and enhanced customer personalization.

We offer a suite of printing and mailing services that can enhance the efficiency of the patient billing process. We've built a solid reputation in the medical industry with prompt, professional service and we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our business partners.

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What Makes Us Different than Other

Outsourcing Options?

  • True variable color printing - no more preprinted forms.
  • Entire operation, including printing, inserting, and presort is executed in one location.
  • World class data and printing center.
  • Average tenure of a Bridgestone employee is 25 years.
  • $30 Billion Corporation backing up our service promise.

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